Guardian Angels Series

Welcome to the page for my original book series, the Guardian Angels Series. Here you’d find information about upcoming releases, tours, giveaways, and all things guardian angels.

Pandora (Guardian Angels, #1)




Release Date: 14, November 2016.

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Quote: I’m a murderer. A liar. And soon to be – a heartbreaker.


**Pandora is just a re-edition of Dominion**

About Pandora:


Three things are absolute.
1: Abigail Hart’s boyfriend is not human.
2: He wants her dead.
3. She has to kill him first.

The CIA’S Youth Intelligence Academy, YIA, taught Abigail one thing: Shoot to Kill. What they didn’t teach her was what to do, when her target catches her bullet and takes to the sky.

Abigail Hart had her future planned out: graduate YIA and become a CIA agent. What she didn’t plan was failing her Initiation Mission, getting kicked out of the academy, and falling in love with a boy who wanted her dead. Taught to trust no one, her first instinct is to shoot him, but when he redirects the bullet back to her, Abigail soon realizes there are worse people in the world than the YIA warned about. With her world falling apart, Abigail is forced, for her survival, to live by the code: Shoot first. Feel later.

Euphoria (Guardian Angels, #1.5)


Euphoria Cover

Release Date: 12, December 2016

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About Euphoria.

Follow Tristan’s POV as he takes your through the events that happened before, during and after Pandora. 

I used to be another face in the crowd, until I became a solution. My name was just a word, until it became a weapon. I used to be a hero, until the world gave me power. My name is Tristan Silas, and I am the upcoming apocalypse.


Elysium (Guardian Angels, #2)

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crest-backcoverRelease Date: Early 2017

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The story will pick up right after the events in Pandora.

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