Sunday Shorts #4: Bride of the Water God Series Review

d75542fd-2bf0-49d0-b975-c7402694cd12It’s amazing how out of nowhere one person can walk into your life and steal your heart.

Sunday Short Entry: #4

TV Series: Bride of the Water God (하백의 신부)


Years Active: 2017

Seasons: 1 (completed)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Actually Series Name: The Servant of the water God!

***The point of Sunday Shorts here on my page @melsheaven is to do quick reviews/rants of books, movies, series, animes, favorites, songs, places… basically, anything and everything I find interesting.***


The bride of the water god, also known as the bride of Habaek, is a 2017 South Korea drama about Habaek (Nam Joo-hyuk), a water god, who in order to become the king of the gods was sent to earth to retrieve some powerful stones and learn about humans. It’s here that he meets psychiatrist So-ah (Shin Se-kyung), a woman whose family, upon committing a crime against the gods was destined to serve them forever in every generation. Problem is, So-ah doesn’t believe in gods, Habaek doesn’t have his powers to prove himself, and with the god of air, the goddess of water and a demi-god all in the way of Habaek finishing his mission, him falling in love with So-ah in the midst of everything, is the  least of his problems!


I’m currently in a kdrama sort of drama kind of mood, which means I’m watching everything, and basically not sleeping! Goodbye sleep, you’d be missed. The reason why I choose to watch this series was because the premise sounded intriguing to me, and I’m glad I did, because although it wasn’t perfect, it had its moments.

Some of the things I loved about this drama was just how full of himself Habaek was. At first, I was like, dude stop acting like a spoiled brat, but he grew on me. Here’s a god who has lost his powers and stones, and his subjects are just being horribly mean to him, (except for his personal servant, that guy was a saint!) and still he acted like a god. Hahaha, I loved that. I also liked how in the end, where him disappearing into oblivion didn’t stop him from making the ultimate sacrifice, although it was the same cliche we’d seen in movies and series alike, I was okay with it. Was I the only one who died a little every time he was waiting for her at the end of that alley? So effing adorable.

I loved every time Rabaek tried to borrow some money! Hahaha, dude, just give up. And when he did some small work and decided CEO Shin pay him millions! Hahaha, how about when he tried to make himself seem way important by screaming I’m a god in the midst of his jealousy during that awkward breakfast scene. Damn! Hahahahah. I like this dude! What a guy. OMG, can we talk about those mugs he bought?

Some of the things I didn’t like that much was the stories of the two other gods. As side characters they were okay, but their characters went up and down, and their stories and loyalty got so thrown together that in end, it was just a mess. Although I like how the two came together in the end, after all that back and forth, anything else would have just been a letdown!

Another thing was also how miserable the lead girl, So-Ah was. Nothing ever seems to go her way, like nothing! Even in the end when it seemed she’d won, I failed to see just how happy she’d be if she’s going to grow old and die and leave her groom behind.

And lastly, I really didn’t like how he never got his powers when he returned. He used his powers like three times and that was it! I mean I get why he didn’t have it on his first visit to earth, but I’d have loved to see him use them on his return, and not always rely on his friends. Although him learning about humans was good, it felt a little bit pathetic to have the king of the gods be such a total useless fella. Like all he did was take baths and asked for money! Hahaha, that part still gets me. He was more of a damsel in distress than the girl.

The best thing about the series though is, it had one of the best soundtracks ever in a series! From Glass Bridge to The Reason Why, the songs added so much content to an already good story. Listen for yourself.

One character who shone the most in the movie though was CEO Shin! He was my favorite. His past was just so sad that he made me cry. I love how he changed, and how his character grew, that was some good character development. He’d forever be my reason to rewrite this series, I hoped there was more to him during the end of the series, I’d have loved to see him get his little piece of heaven, after that long waiting.

The ending revolution of what happened to So-Ah’s father broke my heart so much! I cried, and cried some more! Her crying by the water just shattered me completely, and I wished I could have given her a big old hug.

There were moments of tears and laughter, and I was very glad for how everything wrapped out in the end. There were up and downs, but if you are looking for an enjoyable drama with a feel-good ending, then this one is for you!

Actually Series Name: The Servant of the water God!

Rating: 4/5 god stars = This series was fun and a good time. I will recommend it because I’m sure you’d like it.

I hope you get a splash of excitement and love in your life today! Until then,

Mel Out!


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