War for the Planet of the Apes: Movie Review

apesposterMovie: War for the Planet of the Apes

Director: Matt Reeves

Studio20th Century Fox

Release Date: 13. July. 2017 (DK)

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

Actual Movie Name: Planet Ape: Caesar’s Revenge.

I have never witnessed a cinema room grow as quiet as it did at the end of this movie.

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

Last week during the closing scene of Spider-man: Homecoming, every soul in the 1006 seat cinema room was bursting with laughter. However, the same could not be said for this movie in this same room.

In my reviews, I normally mention what I like and don’t like about the movie, but for this movie, I’m going to do things differently. I’m just going to talk about only the things I liked in one long post. So yeah, here goes.

Normally there’s a chatter, a little whisper, that one guy who’s louder than anyone explaining or saying something obnoxious like they knew the ending way before the movie even started.

None of these things happened in this movie. There was no laughter, no chatter, no smart-ass commentaries, just SILENCE!! And I mean the kind that stays with you long before you walk out of the cinema room. No one talked while we gathered our things, threw our empty popcorn and soda cans away. No one talked when we handed our 3D glasses to the clerk, and definitely not when we silently walked out of the building.

No, I’m not exaggerating, seriously, it was so quiet, and that was because, this movie, was so damn emotional!!

I enjoyed every second of this movie, except the ending, because how the actual eff are you just gonna end a movie like that? Like, excuse you, it’s not like I’m crying here!!!!

The overall plot of this movie was great, and I enjoyed it. The movie started with an action scene, the humans against the apes, with the humans discovered the apes’ hideout. It’s all sad and crazy and I’m munching on my popcorn like nobody’s business, but then something awful happened to Caesar’s and his family, and that’s when the movie, truly, begun.

The Caesar that we’ve grown to love for his compassion and love lost everything dear to him, and he went berserk! Boy did he go off the rails. He was all like, shoot first,  ask questions later and I loved it! I mean is it wrong of me to cheer on the apes instead of the humans? No, no I don’t think so!

Through Caesar’s rampage they came across a little human girl, and yes it’s mean of me to say, but I couldn’t stop laughing at every ‘I will murder you in your sleep little girl’ look that Caesar gave the girl. Hahaha, I’m going to hell for this XD

Another character that was amazing was ‘Bad Ape’ as he called himself. He brought some much needed comedic moment to a very dark and sad movie, and he stole every scene he was it.

The actions scenes were great, the plotline was good and emotional, and it had me invested until the very end. Andy Serkis was amazing as Caesar and had me rooting for him the entire movie. There’s a scene where Caesar let’s go of his gentle side, and I went, ‘Oh shit! Shit is about to go down!’ and it did, in a bloody fire and ice showdown!

Woody Harrison also played his psychotic character with such passion that you couldn’t help but hate him the moment he was on screen.  I wanted something very bad to happen to him and in the end, although he got what he deserved, I wished he’d suffered a bit more, but then again, he became the very thing he’d been fighting against so one could argue that was punishment enough.

The little girl, Nova was great in her role as well and brought on the emotions even more. Most of the apes had more depth and humanity than the humans did, but that’s what I believe made this movie great. The movie clearly starts, war for the planet of the apes, which meant the planet belonged to them, and I supposed it was in good hands because they sure cared a whole lot more than the humans did.

The only reason I didn’t give this movie full stars, was because of that bittersweet ending. Yes, I was crying into my popcorn. Just when you thought everything was all lovey-dovey and everything is going to be alright, BANG that stupid… super super sad ending happens.

Now you know humankind has done eff up and there’s no hope for them when I care more about what happens to the apes than to the human race in an avalanche that is about to wipe everyone out.

I enjoyed this movie. As I mentioned, I’m not going to talk about the things I didn’t like, because seriously I’m still sad and upset about that ending, so until I manage to pull myself together, this review will remind this way,

Actual Movie Name: Planet Ape: Caesar’s Revenge

Rating: 4.1/5 ape stars = This movie was Great. I will recommend it because I’m sure you’d like it. It was time well spent, will re-watch again in the near future.

For freedom, for the family, for the effing planet! Here’s to the action movies that still manages to make us emotional as f*ck!

Mel Out!



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