Spider-Man: Homecoming: Movie Review

574oovooMovie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Director: Jon Watts

Studio: Sony, Columbia Pictures/ Marvel

Release Date: 6. July. 2017 (DK)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Actual Movie Name: Peter Parker’s Two Hour Adventure to prove himself.

That moment when you can relate to a superhero but you’re ordinary as eff!

I went into this movie with high hopes, because from all the press tours, interviews and funny commercials with Tom Holland, my expectation for the movie to be great was way high. And I was more than happy when the movie ended and I found myself still sitting and waiting for the end credits. Thank you, Mr. Watts, it’s been a while since I did that.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

There was a lot of things I enjoyed in this movie, but as with anything, there were also a few things that I didn’t quite enjoy, though in the case of this movie the things I liked overshadows the things I didn’t.

So, here is my short review of this homecoming movie. First, the things I enjoyed.


There’d only been a few movie that I can truly say I enjoyed the overall Plot, and this movie was one of them. Spider-Man: Homecoming was great, funny and just a feel good movie. The writers and the director did a great job making me love both Peter Parker as an average teenager and Peter Parker as a young superhero trying to find his way. There was a good balance of story, actions and a well crafted funny and heartfelt story that showcased the beloved Spider-man character. The plot took the time to allow Peter to be a kid, from being a nerd, (Loved the death star and that handshake), battling school life, crushing over a girl, dealing with bullies, hiding his secrets, and wanting approval from his senior mentors.

I really did enjoy this coming of age story of this superhero. The characters were great and brought some much-needed comedy and realness to the plot. The villain wasn’t awful, and the dialogue wasn’t cringy. The last scene in this movie had me ROTFL, it would be nice to see how Aunt May takes Peter’s new hobby/internship in the next movies.

One may say the story was a bit slow in some parts, but it all adds up and make this a good movie. I also had a few question with Michelle character going: ‘My friends call me MJ’, but I’m sure that would be explained in the next movies.

The movie was about Peter Parker trying to prove himself worthy of being an Avenger, and it was done satisfactorily.


Tom Holland: Peter Parker

Man, where can I start with this kid. He’s amazing, and he brought so much life to the character. I love how Peter in this movie was just a kid and have a  real life problem and related as eff! He’s innocent and it’s adorable to watch. Tom was great as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Tom was just fun to watch on screen. I love both Tobey and Andrew, but Tom brought a different direction to the role as a 15th-year old that was fun to watch. His motives and problems were believable and at the end of the day you couldn’t help but cheer for him to get the approval that he so very much needed.

I love both Tobey and Andrew, but Tom brought a different direction to the role as a 15th-year old that was fun to watch. His motives and problems were believable and at the end of the day you couldn’t help but cheer for him to get the approval that he so very much needed. I can’t wait to see more of Tom in other roles and in this role in the future!

Tony Stark

From the commercials, I thought Iron Man was going to overshadow the young spider, but he didn’t. He was in the movie the right amount and didn’t overstay his welcome. He was a good mentor to Peter and served somewhat of a father/authority figure to him, and that was nice to see. As always Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as Iron Man and in the last few scenes with him Peter, Happy, Pepper and the ring from 2008 he made me go ‘What? That’s how you want to handle this situation?’ I’m sure Pepper is a smart woman and will demand a better scenario.


Everyone character in this movie, to me, was perfectly cast. The flash did a good job making me hate him. The decathlon time members were fun. Peter’s best friend, Ned was a great supporting character, being there for his friend and provided comedic reliefs that had the whole room laughing. Zendaya’s comebacks were funny and perfectly timed. Happy as Peter’s go-to-guy was great, although he could have learned to listen more. All-in-all, everyone added something to the story and made it enjoyable.

The Vulture

I wasn’t really sure about the depth of the vultures motive, but Michael Keaton played his character well. There was a scene when Peter and Him finally met out of their disguised and I couldn’t help but laugh like crazy into my popcorn. While I’d have loved a little bit more villainy-stuff, Vulture wasn’t bad and I was quite okay with his whole arc.

Now, for the reasons I gave this movie 4 stars instead of 5.

High Stakes

I’d have loved more intensity and more stakes! The fights were great, but I needed more and actions, as in after that boat scenes where I was holding my breath and waiting for the stakes to go high and see how he’d save the day, but then well… nothing. The ending huge battle although entertaining and action filled, it felt flat. No high stakes, nothing that made my heart rate goes up the roof and I stuff my face with popcorn.

I’m not saying, I wanted the death count to go overboard like when Sokovia went for a ride or when the aliens invaded, I’m just saying I wanted more.

Suit Upgrade

It was great the Spidey suit was upgraded but I wasn’t such a big fun of all the other things that came with it. Although the upgraded Avenger’s suit at the end of the movie looked awesome as eff, the moment Peter and Ned disabled the trainings-wheel protocol and ‘Karen/Suit Lady’ came unto the scenes, although funny, it felt a bit like Iron-Man-ish. I’m not saying it wasn’t great, but I was very happy when in the final battle, we got what we came to see, Spider-man, A guy in a funny suit, web slinging like no one’s business. I was very happy for this.

With that being said, I am looking forward to more from this character in upcoming Marvel movies. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero like my Superman, but I always knew that could never happen, but seeing Peter in this movie is bring back that childhood dream. I mean, my life is as ordinary as his, so I’d say I’m closer to being a superhero.

Actual Movie Name: Peter Parker’s Two Hour Adventure to prove himself.

Rating: 4/5 web-slinger stars = This movie was Great. I will recommend it because I’m sure you’d like it. It was time well spent, might re-watch again in the near future.

Until the web-slinger comes swinging in Avengers: Infinity War, stay swinging.

Mel Out.




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