Wonder Woman: Movie Review

wonder-woman-2017-5Movie: Wonder Woman

Director: Patty Jenkins

StudioWarner Bros / DC Comics

Release Date: 1. June. 2017 (DK)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Actual Movie Name: The Goddess that saved DC!

Bow down DC boys, because Wonder Woman is here, and she S-L-A-Y-S!

DC finally managed to do something right, and that something has a name and a face, a name that makes enemies ran and hide and a face that means business! Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the woman who is a goddess in her own right and slays every time she so much as breaths. I give you the hero we all deserve…


Damn those actions scenes had me going … One of those, I want one of those!

Going into this movie, I didn’t expect much. In fact, I waited a whole month after the movie was released to even consider watching. I finally decided to watch it because my mother had a credit card and I had nothing better to do with my Friday night. After the disaster that was Batman v Superman, and the lets-forget-it-ever-happened Suicide Squad, I swore I’ll never watch another movie from DC ever and ever again!

And I had the right because my time and money was worth so much more than the sh!t the DC university kept selling me. ‘Save Martha’ really? I’m still not over that ish!

But Wonder Woman almost proved me wrong. The first two acts of the movie were awesome, unfortunately, some things in the last act left me going ‘meh!” And alas it is time again for me to rant about what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

Warning, this review contains spoilers and MY opinions. You’ve been warned.



Before DC turned him into a killer I’d watch anything that Superman’s name was plastered across, now not so much. Thanks again Zack Synder! Where was I? Yeah, Chris Pine. I’m a hardcore Pineapple, and not because the Star Trek franchise, the reboots that started in 2009 are slowly becoming my all-time favorite movie, but because I low key want to marry even the floor Chris walks on. I’m sorry ‘Cumberbatch’ I love you, you blessed human being, but this moment is about Chris.

The moment I learned Chris was going to be in this movie, I almost talked myself into forgetting my one-woman war against DC and Warner Bros and just about ran to the nearest cinema. But I didn’t because nothing was going to make me forgive them for disappointing me on such an epic scale. Mar-freaking-tha!

Acting wise Chris was amazing in this movie. Him, as Steve Trevor was a great cast, as he played his supporting character with absolute perfection. I really liked the chemistry between him and the cast, both Wonder Woman, and the other three men.  His comedic timing was wonderful delivered allowed her and I loved how even when he didn’t believe Diana’s crazy stories he still decided to help her. He was a hero amidst a world of crazy psychos.

He was perfect for the role, and although I saw what was coming a mile away, I couldn’t help but secretly whisper. “Captain Kirk, what the hell are you doing? Don’t you dare do what I know you are about to do Captian!” Hahaha I seriously wanted anyone but him to be on that doomed plane going nowhere.

Steve Trevor: [to Diana] I can save today. You can save the world

My dearest steve, you did save the day, and I applaud you, and you almost made me cry in that last scene when your mouth was moving but no words were coming out and then you just walked away and… and… saved the world. *tears, tears*.


Where do I start with this wonderful Goddess, who just silenced all the DC testosterones? She was amazing and just incredible in this movie. Her acting, action scenes and pretty much everything else made me love her more. And when I found out she was five-months pregnant, I was like…

I’m not going to lie. Having a Model play this role didn’t make me want to jump up and down with joy. In fact, I was like…well, I mean, things possibly couldn’t get any worst for DC, because nothing was as bad as those two last movies.

But shame on me, I was wrong. Gat did great in this role and I loved how her character developed. From his little girl who didn’t just want to sit down and watch the fight, to a naive woman in an unfamiliar world to a kick-ass heroine. Acting wise she did the character well, and those actions scenes made me love the character even more. GOD, can you spell ‘E-P-I-C?’ because that was what those action scenes were!


I loved how all Diana wanted to do was to help, and she didn’t let anyone get in the way of that goal. Her naivety brought life and comedic relieve to the role and made me enjoy it even more.

Each scene she was in, it was as if someone was daring her to do better, and she did. Diana you and your team of rogue soldiers did great! Hats off to you for saving the crumbling universe that is the DC universe.

Other Things I Liked:

Director: Thank you, Patty, for taking the time to do this one justice! You, rock!

The Amazon Warriors: Jesus where can I get a horse and a bow and arrow? I’d like to audition to join their epic girl group!

Action Scenes: Oh, did I already mentioned that?

Romance: The romance between Diana Price and Steve Trevor took time to develop and I loved how it played out. I love when he was showing her how to dance, when the snow came, and when Steve constantly tried to be gentlemanly with her, and she was like… oh so you won’t sleep next to me because we are not married? Hahaha adorable

I enjoyed their chemistry and how they seemed to just understand each other. They relationship genuinely made me smile in some scenes.

Steve Trevor: [leaves Diana his watch] I wish we had more time. I love you.

So did I Steve, you two were a match made in… clay. Hahaha, sorry I had too!

Sameer, Charlie, and the Chief: This trio were also good, they added some much needed humanity to the movie and I grew to care for them.

Charlie: May we get what we want…
Steve Trevor: …and may we get what we need.
Sameer: But may we never get what we deserve.



Seriously did anyone who watched these movie knew what the motives of villains were? What the hell did Ludendorff or Dr. Manu (Dr. Prison) want? Did they have relevant motives? I didn’t care much for their plot-line or what the eff they were doing.


I guessed who Ares truly was two seconds after he worked into that bar. I just knew it was going to be him. It wouldn’t be the first time Professor Lupin had a secret/double identity that killed mercilessly! I mean did you see his beard? It screamed ‘Villain’! XD.

Plot (Ending).

Although the storytelling was amazing I was quite taking aback from how when Wonder Woman finally came to and battled Ares she straight up won, which I suppose was alright, but I expected a bit more.

And I wasn’t sure about the whole fighting for love thing either. I’d have also love to see what happened with the Amazon warriors.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this movie, and I’m glad my mother wanted to see it! Unfortunately, I still don’t trust DC, perhaps Justice League would finally put my doubts to rest.

Actual Movie Name: The Goddess that saved DC!

Rating: 4/5  clays  = This movie was amazing. I will recommend it, because I’m sure you’d like it. It was time well spent, might re-watch again in the near future.

Until the god-killer, the greatest warrior of the amazons comes swinging back into scene in Justice League, stay slaying my lovelys.

Mel Out!


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