The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: Book Review


Title: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, (Sleeping Beauty #1)

Author: Anne Rice

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release Date: 1. May. 1999

Rating: -0.1/5 stars

Links: Goodreads  Amazon

If you are looking for roses and true love’s kiss, my friend, look elsewhere!


From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure. In the traditional folktale of ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that originally emerged from and still deeply disturbs the mind’s unconscious.

Now Anne Rice’s retelling of the Beauty story probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here the Prince reawakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her skillful pen, a compelling experience.

***This review contains spoilers.***


Already from the blurb, I was like… what? Not with a kiss? Then what’s the BS about true love’s kiss? Didn’t she and Snow start all that nonsense about being awoken by a true love’s kiss? Oh well, I’m curious.

But guys. This time curiosity did indeed kill the cat –> me.

What the hell? What the actually eff did I just read? What?? And no, I tried, but at some point, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so this book was a did-not-finish for me, and I do feel bad rating a book I didn’t suffer through–but I am glad I didn’t–it simply wasn’t worth it.

I’ll like to start this review by saying, no I am not a prude! I picked up this book, because, all the reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey were like: FSoG sucks, seriously don’t waste your time, check out Anne Rice’s Claiming of Sleeping Beauty instead if you want to know what real BDSM is all about.

So, I was like… oh well, why not? I’m curious. What have I got to lose… it turned out everything. My innocent, my time, my childhood, everything, gone!!!!

Warning: From this point onward, I’m going to rant about my frustration with this book, so if you liked this book, enjoyed it, and think this is what real BDSM is about and supposed to be, then I’m gonna warned you, don’t bother continuing because there’s nothing about this book I liked, and I’m going to be using some very not-save-for-work words to get that point across.. so yeah, bye, because:

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Nothing about this book was okay! Seriously, I’d thought that the story will be about Beauty and the Prince exploring their inner desires or whatever–actually frankly I had no idea what to expect from this book because I basically knew zero about this type of books except reading FSoG, which was utter BS and nonsense, so really that doesn’t count either… so yeah, I had no idea what to expect but at least I expected that exploring of their sexual desires will be consensual… BUT NO!

The Prince rapes Beauty while she is unconscious!!! No, no, seriously, what? But? Why? What made Anne Rice write this book? I don’t understand. I don’t get it.  Why would she ruin our childhood with this–whatever it was!!

And then of course, after he finished raping her– awake, he claimed her– as his slave. Yes, you read that right, he claimed her as his sex slave!!!

“Now everyone is going to want to have a look at Beauty,” the Prince said to the Captain of the Guard. “Bind her hands over her head by a rope from the sign over the Inn gate,and let the people have their fill of her.But no one is to touch her.They can look all they like,but you stand guard and see that no one touches her.”

So, the Prince, of course, match her, naked to his kingdom filled with more sex slaves from all over, where she is beaten, dehumanizes and raped constantly for their pressure. And not to mention the things they do to rest of them… why? I find myself cringing, gagging and wanting to throw things out of anger.

After Beauty woke up and I realized this wasn’t going to be a mature adaptation of the story we love– I decided to skim through it, because, perhaps I’ve misjudged it from the little I’ve read. But I was wrong, boy was I wrong.

Personally, this book was too intense for me to even encourage that it had a plot–through from the little I read, it had none. And it was also very repetitive. Yeah, I get it, you know what the word spanking means.

In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Beauty together with other princes and princesses are treated like trash, harshly, cruelly, and have to endure a lot of pain and abuse all at the expense of the top 1% royals satisfying their sick and twisted sexual fantasies.

This book was very degrading. Someone tell me, were people supposed to enjoy this disgusting book? Because I was just disturbed and repelled by it. The plot, the characters, the writing, seriously everything about this book was very very very disturbing, and I didn’t even finish it!!! Makes me wonder what other sick and twisted things Rice came up with– no, actually, nope! I don’t even want to wonder. I take that back.

This story was seriously fucked up! The Prince annoyed me to no end. Beauty just obeying everything and everyone and going along with what the Prince commands made me want to punch a biatch! Dafug?! She had no backbone, whatsoever, and although I stopped reading, I’m pretty sure this part didn’t change.

To those who were able to finish and stomach this story, and also liked it–kudos. However, I personally, truly, found this book utterly disgusting, degrading and frankly makes me question Anne Rice in general– like:

Never again. I’m very glad to say that I’m never going to finish this book, ever, nor I’m I ever going to read the rest of the trilogy. Yeah, there are two more books, can you believe that? Again, I ask, what made Anne write this piece-of-gross-sh!t? And how can people like this abusive story? Seriously, tell me, I want to know!

Rating: -0.1/5 what-the-eff stars = This book is worst than the apocalypse, the devil itself, do not touch it!

Actual Book Name: The Torturing of Sleeping Beauty.

Never again!


Mel Out!


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