The Vampire Diaries: TV Series Review

mv5bmty3njqwmze5nf5bml5banbnxkftztcwntgzodu3mg-_v1_Series: The Vampire Diaries

NetworkThe CW

Years Active: 2009-2017

Seasons: 8 (ended)

Rating: 2.3/5 Stars.


Dear God is the teams in this series annoying!!! Arrrggggg.

Now that the series is finally over,  I felt it was time that I gave my thoughts on this series.

***Be warned, this review contains spoilers!***

And also to all the teams…. #delena #stelena…

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So yeah, you’ve been warned. When this series first came on

When this series first came on way back in 2009. Vampires were in, they were hot, they were now! I loved it! The moment I saw Stefan and Damon, I was like, sign me up! #thesalvatorebrothersareburningupmyscreem.

I loved the whole Kathrine drama thing they had going on. Loved seeing Stefan and Elena get close, her discovering he was a vampire and still staying with him, Bonnie getting her powers, Damon’s comeback and determination to get Katherine back. Everything was perfect and fun, and just amazing… and then!

THE TEAMS HAPPENED. Like since season 2 or something, it’s #Stelena #Delana #Blablakillmenow!! I just couldn’t take it anymore.

And then to make things worst the storyline started going downhill from like season 4 onward. It was Delena this. Delena that. And OMG Elena is freaking perfect and so goddamn special we should protect her forever and ever.

It used to be that whenever I was watching this show, I’ll do it in perfect solitude. Everything was off and it had all my attention. But right around season 4 it started to become background noise. I was watching it for the sake of wanting to watch something. In some seasons I just ignored it until it was done, and then I skimmed through the whole season here and there and just got over it.

I’ll go into details about the plots and whatnot, but I’m gonna based my review on the characters since the series haven’t had any plots worth mentioning lately… sirens…hell? #yawn!!!


The whining from Stefan always blaming himself for everything to the point that he will try to rationalize something bad his brother did, and try to forgive everyone and everything.

Like seriously DUDE

I mean, the love of his life–and I’m sure there was a storyline somewhere that said he and Elena were like star-crossed lovers or whatever. Anywho, the love of his life dumps him for his brother, he gets locked in safe, thrown in the water and drowns over and over and over again, and he still comes back and tries to help them with their problems and stay in the same house with him. I mean at what point does this situation goes from being sad, to pathetic, to just plain old desperate. Like dude, move, go on and live your life far-far away from Mystic Falls. Be happy.

I know Stelena fans thinks this is very noble of him. He’s strong, unselfish and just plain-old knight in shining armor, but come on, he’s a whiner! And let’s be honest, that’s what got him killed in the finale episode.

Jesus, your brother steals your girl, and your girl let her. You finally get over it and find someone, had a wedding like two seconds ago, and then you go and sacrifice your happiness ones again so that your brother can keep having your girl?

Come on, seriously, that’s the best the writers could do? And what the eff happened to the books it was based upon? It’s like they took the name of the book, and threw the content out of the window.

There is nothing sweet about being noble to the point where Stefan ended up, and I don’t care what any of you #stelena fans says, him dying because of his reasons were stupid!!

Yes, I’d admit. I used to love Stephan in the beginning of the serious and in the last few episodes of the final season. I loved him, even more, every time his’ humanity was gone and he was the ripper. He was so fun to watch playing ‘Silas’. But then I just couldn’t handle him anymore. After Elena dumped his sorry ass for his brother he just became pathetic. Like he was there, whining all the time about how life wasn’t fair, how he’s such a bad person. How he’d have to save everyone, his brother from himself, his ex-girlfriend from all the people want to kill her because she was so goddamn special and needy.

Really, he might be a good guy, but at some point in life, you just have to be a little bit selfish and do something for yourself and not wait until your humanity is turned off to start living.

It was very selfish of him to do that to the woman he says he love and will love forever, and getting himself killed. It was nice of him to do that for his brother, but seriously, it was stupid and selfish and I think the writers could have done better. I knew what wanted redemption for all he has done, but seriously?

Elena Gilbert.

Jesus christ. She was fine in the first two seasons, but then everything about her just became so damn annoying. It was always save Elena. Elena and her feelings this. Protect Elena that. Elena don’t know what to do with her feelings bla! God, I was very so happy when she left the show!

And also she wouldn’t shut up about Damon changing. Girl, you knew who he was when you dumped his brother for him. So shut up already. She became on unbearable as the show went on, and frankly, I’m not sure why they brought her back. If she wasn’t the center of attention once again, we might have gotten a better finale instead of whatever we got.

However, I absolute loved Nina portraying Kathrine, that was epic and just awesome to look at. How couldn’t she be so awesome all the time and had to be an annoying pain in the butt as Elena?

Damon Salvatore.

Oh Brother. This guy. From the moment he walked into the screen and went ‘Hello, Brother’. I knew he was going to be trouble, and I loved him for it. I was in-love with the bad boy with the eyes to die for. Seriously, every time he opened his mouth, even to say something hurtful to his brother, I was like, damn, I love that guy.

But then–but then–we are now at the end of the final season and I just wish he would die and go away. I wish he would have died too!

I mean, this bad-boy bad-ass vampire turned into a whip, whinny, pathetic all because of Elena. Seriously, there was a point, right before Elena was put into that coffin where every time a scene of them came on, I just skipped, because I know it’s just them going to be.

Damon: I love you so much but I can’t change.

Elena: Please bad Damon change for me.

Damon: I am the bad guy!!! *runs to save Elena*


Seriously, I’m so glad when Elena left and he was finally some-what himself again.

I also hated how the writer’s made him. Like they develop him into his amazing person who cares and knows how to love and be loved, and then suddenly, Shazarm! They turn him into his unlikable person again. What’s the point of that huh?

And then there’s the Delena fans. Shamefully, at some point I was too, but then after Season 3, episode 15, I was like– no, NOPE. Not gonna happen because:

Damon: “Sephan, I thought I could win Elena from you, fair and square!”
Me: “Boy you crazy? Your brother basically gave up everything he’s been suffering and working towards, his freedom, his humanity, you, the girl he loves and everyone he cares for– up– gave it all up, to get a cure to save you. And he also risk being killed to save you AGAIN, even under compulsion, and all you did, was flirt with his girlfriend, weasel your way into her life, her heart. Did everything to make her like you, kissed her, and all sort of crap! And you talking about fairness?”

HAHAHAHA Damon kills me, what a jackass, seriously, for a logical POV it’s messed up!

I’ll ask #delena fans one more question, why the hell do you love this guy so much and what him to get the girl? Except for the part that he cares about his brother, who of course he made it his life mission to hurt and torment, there is nothing, like nothing nice about him. Yes, he changed a little for a moment, but really, throughout this show, he has been…dare I say… a giant dickhead!

. He killed Jeremy.

-Dated and turned Elena’s mother #gross

-Stole his brother’s happiness.

-Constantly made his brother switch off his humanity to either save him or help him solve his problems.

-Killed a lot of innocent people and felt no remorse about it.

-I could go on and on, but I’m sure you know where I’m going with this,


Throughout the whole show, I’d say my favorite character, and the one who got any development was Bonnie. I loved her to death. She was amazing, and made this show a little bit more bearable towards the end. I’m happy that she finally, some-what, got a little bit of happy ending and didn’t end up dying. Though I couldn’t stand her for a second when she was all, I’ll never forgive Stefan, I got it, I understand it, but girl, you forgive Damon for all the shit he’d done since episode one!!! Homegirl was just tripping!!


She was also nicely developed, went from to someone who actually cared. I feel bad for what Stefan did to her in the end, but I’m glad she got that *Klaus* letter, yaaayy :), though I shouldn’t get my hopes up, Julie Plec is still on that show too.

Also, Jesus Caroline and Stefan’s forced love was so annoying and awkward to look at. I really loved them as friends, why did the writer’s have to ruin such a beautiful friendship?

And now for the things that I loved!!!!!!

Best Villains.











Final Episode:

Was I the only one who was confused in the final minutes of the finale? I got it eventually that they were all dead. But what they were all living a life in Mystic Falls? And they go back to being young when they die? Super confusion. And Vicki and Tyler?

What was going on!! They should have made it two hours instead of using one hour to just talk about episode we’ve already seen.

Why do the writers feel the need to always bring Katherine for Damon and Stefan to torment? We get it, she did bad things, but seriously, her being there this time made no sense.

Also, was I the only one who thought like Nina looked sick the whole time she was there? Her face was somewhat different. Either she didn’t want to be there or that wig was just terrible!

And I am not fine with the ending they gave us after 8 years. Just staff everything together in a confusing hurry and that was it… and also I wasn’t really feeling that #delena reunion. And is Enzo going to be hanging around Bonnie until forever? What if she meets someone near and alive and not dead?

Stefan wanting to die to atone for everything he did was actually selfish of him. Hey, I feel so bad for everything I did I’m gonna leave the woman I love, the brother who cares about me, and everything else and just die.


In the past, the brothers and their friends have come up with a lot of impossible solution of their problems and they couldn’t find one to this one? *shaking my head*

And what was the deal with Rike being all… my children…my children, well I supposed after years of being there for your friends and getting screwed he deserved to be selfish for his family.

PLUS, couldn’t both brother’s have just killed Katherine and throw her into the fire? The writer’s only killed Stefan off so Damon and Elena can have their happy ending, which is really sad.

Also, I’m sure disappointed with that #delenareunionn Ian looked like he’d rather had die, there was no longer any chemistry, and it was really hard to look at. And if they are so in love why does their forever ever after not invovle each other? Elena goes to her family, and Damon goes to his brother? How does that work? They don’t want to be together in the afterlife as well? You know what, #whatever.

Other thoughts:

Ian was an amazing director on times he directed.

I’m very happy this show has ended, it was suffering, and I’m glad the network put it out of it’s mysery.

Some of the plotline was just radiculous, boring and stupid. Like the one with the heretic witches or whatever, and then the sirens? Jesus! Thank God it’s over now.

All in all this show wasn’t bad. Boring and Annoying at times, but it was good in the beginning and I really enjoyed it. It just could have used better storyline and anyone other than Julie Plec to take full control and it would have been as epic as it was in the beginning. Do I regret wasting all that time to watch it for the rubbish it became in the end–YES! But it had it’s beautiful moments and evil cliffhanger season finales that made me wish the summers away waiting, so NO, I think I’m okay with it.

Do I regret wasting all that time to watch it for the rubbish it became in the end–YES! But it had it’s beautiful moments and evil cliffhanger season finales that made me wish the summers away waiting, so NO, I think I’m okay with it.

I’m I sad it ended?

stefan salvatore photo: stefan salvatore tumblr_lciv23baUT1qep3z2o1_500.gif

There you have it, my answer.

So with this being sad. I’m gonna go drink some wine and eat some popcorn to celebrate this show finale being over!

Mel Out!












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