Golden Time: Anime Series Review


Series: Your Lie in April

Years Active: 2013

Seasons: 1 (ended)

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Actual Movie Name:  AMNESIA

Yes, I cried like a little biatch!!! Don’t effing tell me I couldn’t!! IT WAS SO EMOTIONALLLLLL. *Oh–I meant…there was…something…something in my..ahmm..eyes.


Banri Tada is a freshman at a Tokyo law school. After an accident, he suffers severe memory loss. Despite the incident, he befriends fellow freshman, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, which leads him to the beautiful, yet obsessive, Koko Kaga.

I remember when I first watched this series when it came out. It was all warm and sweet and nice and then BANG!!!–Emotional Effing Rollercoaster!


descriptionI loved almost everything about this anime. From the plot to the characters, to the friendship and to the growing up.

It was all done beautifully to the point that in the last few episode I couldn’t help crying…no seriously, I’d previously thought I had no tears left in me or something…but then Banri started remembering and talking about how he was afraid he was going to disappear, and I just straight up, lost my sh!t.

Why, oh why did you have to be so good and sad you beautiful anime! Why are you making me feel these things?

Kaka Koko: You are a storm. You rile up my heart like a storm.

Okay now for the bubbling rant of everything I remember, loved, disliked and laughed at.

1. Characters

Kaga Koko

Hahahaha, Koko had one of the most awesome introduction I’d ever seen in an anime. How she popped up all glam and smiling and then, bang! She is slipping Mitsuo left and right with throneless roses. Hahaha, can you spell E-P-I-C?

Kaka Koko: You shouldn’t be indecisive. It’s a waste of life. Make progress every day.

I loved this girl. Though, in the beginning of the series, I just wanted to reach trough the screen and slap some senses back into her rich stupid head. Like seriously, could you be any more stupid and desperate? She was so in love and devoted to a guy who didn’t feel the same about her. Gawwwddd I wanted to slap a biatch! Like, can you not take a hint, can you not see how UNINTERESTED he is?

And on top of her being desperate and stupid, she was a stalker.

Seriously, she was a high-class stalker. And on top of that, she hated herself. Saw herself as not being good enough, her self-loathing was one of the things that almost made her likable when she was being such a desperate fool.

Kaka Koko: I’m your useless, piece-of-junk girlfriend, but I have more love than anyone.

But as the series continue, she changed. I loved how her character developed. I love how she grew from this self-loathing, stalker insecure rich girl to a wonderful, caring and loving friend to both herself and everyone around her.

anime sexy best eyes tryAlright, now can we talk about her fashion? LIKE, was I the only one watching what she was wearing the whole time? From her super chic outfits to her shoes to her bags. I was like, whoever came up with her fashion style should be my friend…please?

Kaka Koko: If a person you love doesn’t love you back, you’re worthless. That’s what I always told myself.

This girl came in like a hurricane and stole my heart with laughter and worry. She made me laugh and cry for her, and I really liked for that.

Tada Banri

Man… where do I start with this poor lost soul? I loved Tada the moment I saw him on the screen. He reminded me of me, every morning when I’m late for school.


 From the moment in episode two when he decided to throw himself under the bus by revealing his secret, putting himself out for pity and judgment to save his new classmates, I knew that I’d love him throughout the series, and boy did I ever.

In short:

  • I love how kind he was.
  • I love how happy he was.
  • I love how he decided not to let what happened to him stop him from living.
  • I love how he was scared he might disappear from the person he’d become.
  • I love how he loved.

Every time his old self, tried to creep back into his life, I felt sad and pity for him at the same time. Every time towards the end when he cried, I cried. And when–spoiler alert–he lost all memories of who he has become, his friends, Koko, and his life in Tokyo and started freaking out and not even knowing who he was… Oh Man… Oh Man… the tears, the tears will not stop!

OMG why are you making me feel like this Tada-San? I didn’t know I’d have it in me to get emotionally attached to an anime character in such a way that they make me sad, angry, scared, and happy all in one episode.

Tada Banri: The Present is ending. Here, countless versions of our past selves are always crying, laughing, falling in love, getting hurt, joking around, feeling happy and suffering. These feelings are born all the time and in the next moment, they became the past and die. It’s over now. This is the end, but the truth is everyone’s time is like that. Right after it’s born, every moment becomes the past and dies.

Tada-san’s character was very well developed in my opinion, and I’m glad that in the end, with everything that happened to him, how his plans and life turned out, that he still woke up every day, even when he was confused and lived–and loved… OMG… there it comes again, the something in my eyes…

2. Supporting Characters

This cast was perfect. The supporting characters had depth and their own personalities. They weren’t just there for the sake of being there.

2D-kun: Hahaha he kept being the voice of reason to the very end. Making me laugh with his comments, and always for some reasons seeming to know the right thing to do. He’s a friend I’d like to have in real life.

Linda: Once you miss the opportunity to say something, the words become increasingly toxic. The best thing to do is to just say everything.

Mitsuo: I thought he was a jerk for how he treated Koko but when I learned of his reasons I knew I liked him and I was glad he was friends with her even after all that. I also love how supporting and understanding he was/got in the end when he finally learned the truth.


Linda: Oh Linda, at some point I think I wanted her and Banri to be together when their story was being told. I felt sad and sorry for her, to have lost your best friend and love all at the same time.

Linda: You were like a bomb, one wrong move and I might have lost you again.
He was there, but never there, that might have been very sad, and I can only imagine how she felt. But I was glad she was there, kept helping him and stayed with him throughout everything, wonderful, wonderful character.

Oka Chinami: She was just adorable. Felt a little bit bad for her in the end when she realized her feelings, but it was just a little bit too late, but that’s life for you, it hits you in the head like a rock and refuses to let you have the last word. She was a strong character and person, loving as the rest of them, and her friendship with Koko was just amazing and awesomely developed. I wish I could see all the footage from the Okamera.

Nana: Hahahaha she was just awesome! I love how tough she was pretending to be, but inside she was just a big ol’ softie looking like everyone. Hahahaha just randomly kicking people in the head with an abnormally huge baguette.

Nana: Life is suffering, pain, and misery.
Nana: The one who pretends to know everything never knows anything at all.
Hahaha, she was just awesome, she might just be my favorite right after Tada Banri.

3. The plot

There is really nothing bad I can say about this series. There was a few thing here and there that I didn’t like, which was all due to character personality or the fact that the show won’t stop making me crryyy… but other than that, I enjoyed every minute of this awesome anime series.

The storyline in itself was meaningful and touching. It touched all the right places, emotionally. It knew when to laugh and when to make me sad. I love how the backstory played into the main story and how it was nicely connected. Truly it was an amazing series.

Tada Banri: This is who I am. I’m broken, shattered, not even close to perfect, and always lacking something. But this is who I am! I am who I am!

The one huge bad thing about it is the fact that it made me weep like a baby. Another huge thing was how well they made me love a stalker.

The romance was also well portrayed. I really liked how gradually both Banri and Koko started to learn to love not only each other but themselves as well. Banri stopped running from his past and Koko stopped thinking she wasn’t good enough to be loved by anyone.

4. The Rest

With all these being said… all that is left to say is how much I truly enjoyed this series and wish there was more of it. I highly recommend it to all the anime loving people out there. If you are in need of a good cry and a well-rounded story with depth and romance, this series is for you!

Tada Banri: As long as they’re alive, everyone’s present becomes the past.

Actual Series Name: Amnesia

Rating: 4.5/5 = I highly recommends this series to you and everyone you know. Seriously, go check out it! You’d enjoy it.

Go watch it and let’s cry together… I meant… get something in our eyes together.

Mel Out!


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