Pandora: Book Locations

: Pandora (Guardian Angels, #1)

Author: Melody Manful

Publication Date: 14. November 2016

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“No one can force you to become a monster – you hurt someone and you create your own demons.”

While writing Pandora, I browsed through the Internet like a crazy person, looking for images that fit the visions in my head. I spent countless hours on locations alone, believe me, it’s not always awesome to have a chaotic head like I do, it gets me in a lot of troubles!

Location: The Grandinian Palace.

The Grandinian Palace is home to the royal family of Grands, namely, King Daligo and his family. This would be the first place that readers will meet one of the books main characters: Prince  Tristan Silas.

Finding an image to describe this place was a struggle. The First image that made my day was this picture of a pharmacy building in China. I had imagined the inside of the Grandinian Palace being decorated in gold, so I was more than happy when I came across this image. If I could do a backflip and continue breathing, I would have. So if you read Pandora, and just can’t seems to imagine what the palace looks like because of my lousy description, just imagine I described it as beautiful as this!


Location: The Hart Mansion.

Abigail Hart, the main character in Pandora lives here together with her mother. As one of the biggest fashion designers in the world, Mrs. Hart, and her daughter lives in a very luxurious house, one that I’d love to live in. Well, I’ve lived in a house like this once, it was in my dreams, but I’m pretty sure it counts.

There are moments when nations come together to help others in need. One man stands and fights for what he believes in and makes a change. The world may be filled with evil people, but it’s also filled with good people.” – Abigail Hart.

The sad thing was, writing Pandora, I pretended I was living in this awesome mansion. I even told my mother I wanted a palace at some point, and she just stared at me and said ‘If that dream ever come true, I want the room facing the ocean’. Hahaha. Mothers.

Below is the mansion, it was as close as I could get, although the description in the book might be a little bit different than this image, as most of the scenes happen inside the house.

So far, these two places are the only pictures I have, because I couldn’t find more.  The one place I wanted to describe that didn’t get a chance to be part of the first book was the Lumenian palace, which was mentioned but never described, because none of the scenes took place there.

If I ever come across a picture that do any of my many locations justice, I’d me adding them here.

So come back later for more.




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