You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense: Book Review

38504Title: You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense.

Author: Charles Bukowski

Publisher:Black Sparrow Press

Release Date: 5. June. 1986

Rating: 5/5 stars

Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Charles Bukowski is crazy, fortunately, I love crazy people.


Charles Bukowski examines cats and his childhood in You Get So Alone at Times, a book of poetry that reveals his tender side. He delves into his youth to analyze its repercussions.


Hahaha examines Cats. Personally, after reading this book, I find this man to be absolutely nuts. I could picture myself becoming friends with him, easily, because let’s face it, I am as crazy as they come.

Stranger: Can you describe your friend Melody to me?

My Friends: Melody? That biatch is crazy with a capital K.

Me: Yes. Yes I am.

I will now review this piece how Bukowski would:

I wonder
between the two
of us
Bukowski and I
who is the
him for this book
or me
for calling
it a
Either way
there’s something
wrong with us
and so
is this

See where I’m going with this? The difference between Bukowski and I though, is that, while he is a mad genius, I am crazy-pants Mel, and… yeah that’s it, no wait, I love wine. Wine is always the answer XD.

This book is one of my favorite collection of poetry, and that’s not to say I’ve read a lot of those, but I like this because Bukowski is so haunted in the piece he wrote that I couldn’t help, but be fascinated over it.

I paid, got up, walked to the door, opened it.

I heard the man say, “that guy’s nuts.”

Out on the street I walked north feeling curiously honored.”

Anyone who reads this masterpiece would be able to tell that Bukowski haven’t had an easy life. He’s suffered to earned his place, he had problems like most humans, and he’d made mistakes, mistakes he’d tried to overcome, to live through, which is why I found this book to be fascinating and went as far as calling it a masterpiece, because it allowed me to see the man the literary world held on a platter to be as human as I am.

Bukowski bared his soul in his book, and he was unapologetic. He wasn’t afraid to make himself the villain of his own story. In a way, I feel like this book was Bukowski’s personal theme song, it was a way for him to tell the world: ‘Eff you, I’m only a human’.

“some men never die and some men never live but we’re all alive tonight.”

This men lived, he was alive in the pages of this book, and I’m glad I got to go on this journey with him.

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled
a space
and even during the
best moments
the greatest times
we will know it
we will know it
more than
there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled
we will wait
in that space.

The above quote is my favorite quote from the book, it’s the reason I fell in love with this mad genius.

Rating: 5/5 cray cray stars = This book is PIZZA. Buy it, read it, marry it, repeat, because this book is Pizza, and Pizza is life.

Actual Book Name: Bukowki’s Eff You to The World.

This man is crazy and I love crazy.

Mel Out!


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