Why I Quit Watching Scandal: TV Series Review

mv5bmtc2mdi1ntewov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdezode4nze-_v1_Series: Scandal


Years Active: 2012-

Seasons: 5 (ongoing)

Rating: 3.3/5 Stars.


I’m all up for doing everything for the one you love, but I draw the line at being stupid in the name of love.

SCANDAL. Man, I remember when this series started. My mother and I had long discussions after each episode. I loved it. It was exciting and every episode made me wish I worked together with Olivia and the rest of the Gladiators.

I Loved this show, there was nothing bad anyone would say about it that I’d accept. I could argue with you to Hell and back any day, and come out on top, that was how much I loved this show!

But then Season 4: episode 12 happened, and then I was like: Fuck this shit, I’m out!

Really, after that episode I quit the show and never went back. I don’t think I’d ever get back to it, maybe someday, nope, I’m a quitter.

This show was life, and Olivia Pope and President Fitz were #relationship goals. I loved their chemistry and how their love was wrong, and kind of forbidden, but couldn’t help cheering for them to be together. I was one of their biggest shippers, and I saw nothing wrong with their relationship, not even for Mellie and their kids.

So, when Jake came into the picture, I was one of the first people wishing he dies a horribly, so Olitz can have their perfect moment in Vermont. Vermont, God how I wanted so much for them to be forever happy in Vermont.

Unfortunately as the show went on I found myself getting annoyed at every action that Fitz took, where Olivia was concerned. My annoyance started when I found out he was paying Jake to spy on Olivia.

Fitz: Jake, so there’s his woman. She’s my mistress, and I love her, but since I can’t be with her, because you know, I’m kind of married, I want you to stalk her and make sure that she’s not dating anyone else.

Jake: Okaaaaiiii, Mr. President.

Me: She is not your property you jerk!

Two seconds later.

Jake: Suck it Mr. President, I’m gonna steal her from you, because I love her.

Me: Ha! Ha!

Here’s the thing, from the moment Fitz started being possessive, I started becoming #TeamJake, because I realized even though Jake’s intention weren’t pure, and he was kind of a creepy peeping-tom, he was a good guy, one that I wanted Olivia to pick.

I wanted Olivia to forget about Fitz and be with Jake, because he didn’t just make her happy, he was there and he was now. She could step into the sun together with him, out in the open and no one would judge her. She cared about him, in her own way, and Jake would do anything for her, what more does a girl need? Well, if you are Olivia Pope you need more, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I think Jake was a pretty fair deal, as supposed to going to bed with Fitz, his wife and America.

So yes, the reason why I stopped watching this amazing show, was because of Episode 12 of season 4. In this episode, President Fitz decided to go to war, which meant sending innocent soldiers to their possible deaths, all to rescue the woman he was occasionally having sex with.

Yes, I do know it was more than sex, and they cared for each other, but he was married, and it could never be anything but sex as far as he was still together with his wife.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being so in love that you loose all logic and will do anything for the one you love, but Fitz was the PreSiDent. He took an oath to protect the country, and then he just threw that promise away, because he wasn’t thinking with his head!

This episode made me realize how much I hated Fitz. You just don’t put an entire nation at risk because you want to save one person. Yes, he loves her, and love makes you do stupid things, but hello? What about those innocent soldiers, don’t they have people they love and care about too? Should they also send innocent people to their deaths?

Fitz is not fit to be a president, heck he’s not even fit to be in love, and he does not deserve Olivia. Miss. Pope deserves more than his stupid punk-ass.

You might be thinking now that I have no sense of romance or that I’m heartless. On the contrary, this is just the opposite. I love all the mushy-mushy love stuff, but to a certain point. What Fitz did was stupid and wrong. He put a whole nation’s life in jeopardy for one person, instead of trying to come up with a better way to save her, and protect his country like he sworn. What annoyed me the most was the fact that he was the president and he didn’t give two effs about screwing over an entire country.

With that being said there was so much I loved about this show, that I’m defiantly going to miss, like:

Olivia Pope: She was my favorite character on the show, because not only was she a strong independent woman, but she was sassy and as bossy as they came, she was the woman I wanted to grow up to become, she was the woman I looked up too. She was a phenomenal in the making. She was a legend. For her character alone, I’ll give Scandal 5/5 stars. Hats off to Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the writers for writing such an amazing and inspiring character.

Characters (-) Fitz: I loved all the characters on this show, expect for Fitz and his punk-ass. Cyrus was an amazing character that I just loved hating. Olivia’s father was great, every-time he spoke I just shut up and went ‘Sir, yes, Sir’. Mellie was great, and as strong a woman as I’ve seen. I loved her character, though some of her decisions were very questionable. Jake, my dear Jake, I’ve nothing bad to say about him, before I left the show he was my favorite character, because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and do what was necessary. One thing was for sure on his show, all the characters cared about America more than Fitz did.

The Gladiators: I am going to miss this team of epically misfit people who makes being bad looks so cool. I love each member, old and new, they are awesome and make Olivia look even more badass.

Drinking with Olivia‘Wine is always the answers’: This is my phrase, I always say this no matter what the questions, or situation. I even have a bracelet with this words, a christmas gift. These phrase has never failed me, because they’ve come in handy in lots of heartfelt situations.

Friend #1: Mel, I think I failed all my exams. My parents are going to kill me.

Friend #2: I’m so sad, my boyfriend cheated on me and I broke up with him and now I’m all alone. I’m going to die alone.

Friend #3: OMG OMG, my boyfriend just proposed, I am getting married!

Me: Wine. We need wine, wine is always the answer.

Yes, I love wine, and thanks to this show, I found a way to make drinking wine even more fun, by adding popcorn. One of my few favorite things to do when watching this show was drinking wine and eating popcorn together with  Miss. Pope. It was such fun.

Which is why I am sad that I stopped watching this show, and by doing so, not having these moments as often. But I had too, I had to stop watching, because my heart couldn’t handle it anymore. I was angry, annoyed and disappointed, and I knew if I continued to watch the show, I might inflict harm on my computer, TV or my mother who was given counter argument to why the plot-line was called for.

What I will definitely not miss about this show is Fitz. I can’t stand his character at all. I used to love him so much to the point that whenever he showed up on scream, I fanned myself, just to calm my ovaries. But now, whenever I saw his face, I roll my eyes. He has no backbone of his own. He’s like a love sick fool and it’s so not attractive, it’s very pathetic now that I think about it. Olivia this and Olivia that, hello, make your own decisions, you are the president for eff sake! I seriously have no idea how he want from his very cool and powerful untouchable force to such a disappointing loser. He bitched about everything and didn’t even seem to know why he was president. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t deserve to be one either.

I really wish that at the end of this series that Olivia ends up with someone more deserving than his weak arse, because she deserves far far better than him.

At the end of the day, the only thing I have to say to this show is:


Because, I don’t have the patience for this punk-ass man-child they call President.

Mel Out!


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