Pandora: Book Cover Reveal


Title: Pandora (Guardian Angels, #1)

Author: Melody Manful

Publication Date: 14. November 2016

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It’s finally here, the cover for my upcoming book, Pandora. The first book in the Guardian Angels series. This book has been a long time coming.

Book Blurb:


Three things are absolute.
1: Abigail Hart’s boyfriend is not human.
2: He wants her dead.
3. She has to kill him first.

The CIA’S Youth Intelligence Academy, YIA, taught Abigail one thing: Shoot to Kill. What they didn’t teach her was what to do, when her target catches her bullet and takes to the sky.


Abigail Hart had her future planned out: graduate YIA and become a CIA agent. What she didn’t plan was failing her Initiation Mission, getting kicked out of the academy, and falling in love with a boy who wanted her dead. Taught to trust no one, her first instinct is to shoot him, but when he redirects the bullet back to her, Abigail soon realizes there are worse people in the world than the YIA warned about. With her world falling apart, Abigail is forced, for her survival, to live by the code: Shoot first. Feel later.

The Cover.


Here is it again.


The only difference here is the color of her top, the reason why I didn’t go with this color was because I found it to be very bright and took away from her character.

I choose the dark cover because it tells more about the story, and also allows readers to know what to expect going into the story. I know the old cover was beautiful, but personally I love this one more.

I decided to have the cover look like this, because the previous cover, Dominion’s, was a little bit misleading than I wanted it to be. This one is true, and readers can expect it to play a role in the book as a whole. I’m proud of it, and very thankful to my illustrator, Daniel, who helped bring the images in my head to live.

I can’t wait for you guys to read it.






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